5 Reasons Why Companies Must Invest in Citizen Development
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5 Reasons Why Companies Must Invest in Citizen Development

Digital transformation initiatives have made far-reaching changes in the work processes today. This ultimately led to increasing demand for software.  

However, the number of software developers for developing solutions ran short as compared to the digital initiatives. To cope with it, citizen development came into place. 

The citizen development program proved itself to be a critical asset to businesses. However, many are still not aware of its benefits. In this post, we give you the top five reasons why companies must invest in citizen development. 

1. Streamlines Business Processes  

Organizations always look for a way to easily handle the business process. The simpler the processes are, the easier it is for the organization to manage them. Citizen development helps to simplify business processes, thereby bringing workplace fluidity and boosting strong communication within departments. 

2. Speeds Up Product Development and Delivery 

Since market conditions change consistently, organizations must possess a roadmap to rapidly release their products or services into the market. Employing a citizen development model can aid in this case by speeding up the product development process and ensuring quicker service delivery. 

3. Enhances IT and Business Productivity 

Citizen developers can make use of the right low-code/no-code platform for aligning IT and business processes. They can create apps without depending on the IT department – greatly reducing backlogs, optimizing costs, and increasing overall business productivity. 

4. Minimizes the Load on IT 

Upskilling the non-technical workforce is a great way to reduce the load on the IT team. Businesses can use this strategy to bring more citizen developers into action and they can help in building critical apps faster and boost process efficiency. 

5. Improves Transparency 

With citizen development, more and more employees will be developing their apps. This means that there will be fewer cases of shadow IT or redundancies in the app development process. It will further lead to easy sharing of tools and resources, thereby enhancing organizational transparency. 

Empowering citizen developers with low-code/no-code platforms can safely refine business processes. That’s why organizations must start investing in citizen development if they haven’t done it yet. Organizations that embrace a good citizen development program are more likely to have happier employees and efficient business operations. 

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