Data Backup Strategy Assessment A Comprehensive Checklist

Your data is precious, but is it protected? The shocking news is one-third of businesses haven’t checked their backup and recovery strategy in months. This puts them at risk of catastrophic data loss, security breaches, and costly downtime. Don’t wait until disaster strikes! Download this report to assess your current data backup plan and identify […]

Replacing On-Premises File Servers with Cloud Applications

Legacy systems may have served us well in the past, but today’s business demands more. These on-premises solutions often struggle with scalability, security, and remote access – all crucial for modern collaboration. It’s time for an upgrade. Embrace the Cloud advantage to: • Effortlessly adjust storage as your business grows• Ensure robust data protection and […]

Why Third-Party Teams Telephony Solutions Lead the Market

How do you make the most of the Microsoft Teams to ensure your collaboration is as efficient as possible? Well, combining it with telephony could help you. When integrating phone systems with Teams, 85% of businesses go with a third party. In this white paper, you will discover the Microsoft Teams phone alternatives along with […]

5 Ways a Data Fabric Generates Value—No Matter Where Your Data Is Located

Developers, data engineers, and scientists often find it challenging to manage, secure, and govern data distributed across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. Plus, the lack of an enterprise-wide view makes it even more difficult to know: • What data is available• How to access it• How to facilitate its movement• How to ensure its security […]

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dataiku

This report showcases how organizations that use Dataiku experience major cost savings, improved decision-making, and increased productivity to empower both business and data users.

Top 3 Software Development Trends That Are Worth Following

Gone are the days when software developers used to build their careers on a single language. Today, clouds, websites, mobile applications and everything in between have mixed up so much that it is impossible to survive with only one language. So, software developers must learn different languages and frameworks.   But while software development trends […]

Enhancing Website Security Measures to Safeguard Election Related Websites

This white paper provides a succinct, high-level summary of essential cybersecurity procedures that must be carried out ahead of the 2024 US presidential election.

What Is Your Long-Term Plan for Your Website’s Accessibility Compliance and Overall Health?

Download this white paper and explore how CivicPlus® Web Accessibility can help you with overcoming accessibility and content roadblocks and delivering a seamless web experience for all your residents.

Extending Design Technology Co-Optimization from Technology Launch to HVM with Calibre Fab Solutions

Explore this white paper that presents the methodologies and infrastructure that an enhance semiconductor validation.

5 Reasons to Refresh Your Firewall

A firewall that can unify network, workload, and application security across multi-cloud systems, simplify administration, and deliver clarity is critical in today’s hybrid work environment. For this problem, Cisco Secure Firewall is the ideal answer. This guide explores and explains the reasons why companies need to refresh their firewalls. The reasons include: Empowering the hybrid […]

When Every Identity is at Risk, Where Do You Begin?

Today, security landscape demands protection for all identities. But do you know that 63% of companies struggle to adequately secure high-risk access points for employees, where manual tasks and inefficiencies burden the security team, slowing down response times. You’ll need a robust integrated identity security approach to get out of this problem. Access this guide […]

Working Smarter with AI

For deeper insights, delve into our ebook to empower your workforce with enhanced productivity.