Why Is It Crucial to Align Your Technology Stack With Company’s Growth Strategy
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Why Is It Crucial to Align Your Technology Stack With Company’s Growth Strategy

So, it’s already 2024 and companies are still debating about the core of business strategy. Finally, it was “composability” that won. Organizations that have embraced a composable approach are likely to gain a competitive advantage.   

Composable architectures are based on organizations that invest in total experience strategies. But to drive that innovation, enterprises should attract the right talent, which is usually difficult today due to the scarcity of talent. 

When it comes to IT, senior leaders are often measured on employee experience. It is almost equally as high as the ones who are measured on customer experience. However, today, a large number of leading enterprises are looking at total experience (TX) to improve the journey of employees and customers.  

Continue reading to learn how aligning your technology stack with the growth strategy is going to benefit your company. 

Why Align Your Technology Stack With Your Company’s Growth Strategy? 

The strategy of aligning the technology stack with the company’s growth plan will result in higher shared experiences. When you reuse the existing tech investments that are important to key employees and customer experiences, it can also drive business value.  

According to Gartner, 60% of large organizations will employ TX to transform their business models by 2026. It is likely to help them gain “world-class customer and employee advocacy levels.” Also, by the end of 2024, organizations offering total experiences will probably outperform their competitors in satisfaction by 25%. 

How to Offer a High Total Experience (TX)? 

To deliver a high total experience, organizations must improve their collaborative processes between business and IT teams. They must understand that IT now has the capability to solve business problems and isn’t just limited to technology enablement. 

Additionally, IT can also help in achieving critical business objectives along with competitive advantage. With business and IT teams working together, you could possibly achieve strategic objectives.     

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